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WYWH dienasgrāmata

22.aprīlis 2018 19:01 

... at our stage in life, a serious relationship is defined as one that lasts longer than two weeks...

6.februāris 2012 22:08 
... the second time is often the best. you`re looking forward to it. and you`re not bored with it yet...
23.decembris 2010 22:50 

… he liked to sit outside. especially at night. he liked the darkness and the dirty air and the blasts of noise and traffic and the crush of people… it helped a lonely man feel connected and isolated both at the same time…

4.septembris 2010 22:45 
… he had grown so accustomed to being on his own that it didn’t feel lonely anymore. It was just state of things. His friends would send him on blind dates, and he would go because it was easier than resisting, but being alone wasn’t so terrible. He... lasīt tālāk
3.jūlijs 2010 23:23 

… there is a rule about women, and very good one, - half your age plus seven…

12.oktobris 2009 20:16 

memory is a stranger,
history is for fools...

can`t you see it all makes perfect sense...

26.februāris 2009 21:48 
... he was a womanizer and, like all womanizers, he never understood why women took him so seriously. What made them think he was going to treat them any different to any other woman he had been with? Why did they always think they were the one who... lasīt tālāk
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